Web Applications

EndorMedia develops applications for small- to large-sized companies. We have extensive experience developing applications with complex work-flow requirements, high security standards and diverse database management systems.

Where We Can Help You
  • Substitute the paper office: Introduce online document processing and put an end to waste on faxing, copying and mailing.
  • Implment your current work-flow according to office roles so that online processing duplicates your current document process.
  • Improve your office productivity by saving you time and money (and paper).
  • Offer your office workers an instaneuous  status report on  each document and process. Offer different reports to different workers based on worker role.
  • Send automatic email reminders to officials delaying the process for more than a configured time.
  • Implement the generation of protocol IDs in various steps.
  • Assure secure processing by implementing digital signatures.
  • Secure all transactions by implementing secure server certificate (SSL protocol).

Integration With Corporate Office Network
We offer smooth integration of our Web applications with your office network to share:
  • User authentication and permissions: integrating with your office Active Directory.
  • Corporate databases: secure data sharing both on the Web (for authenticated users) and directly in the office.

Extensive Experience With...


Fully-functional feature-rich and secure online shops. Since 1995.

multi-national industries

Corporate Web applications for users located all around the world.

state administration

Web applications for internal use in local and state administration offices.

non-profit organizations

Sites with member participation, newsletter and fund-raising campaigns, and more.

Tech Implementations

content management systems

Our own EndorMedia CMS or a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules.

Sitefinity CMS Partner EndorMedia is a Sitefinity CMS Partner. more