Mobile Web and Mobile Apps Content Management

EndorMedia creates and optimizes Web sites that can be viewed by any visitor using any device (including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones).

Responsive Design Solutions
With us you don’t have to create multiple versions of your site, one for each viewing device. You build a single site that is viewable on desktop computers as well as all mobile devices. A single site all-in-one.

Wish to go beyond a Web site and offer a downloadable stand-alone mobile apps? You can easily accomplish that within our content management environment.

Why go mobile?
The answer is simple: Because more and more people go on the Internet using their mobile devices. By 2014 mobile sales are destined to take over desktop computer sales. That means the number of people visiting your site using their mobile phones or tablets is likely to increase every year (in some of our clients’ sites, especially those in the healthcare and tourism sectors, the rate of mobile use is already reaching 40%).

Bad Mobile Loses Customers
On a tiny smartphone screen every word counts, every graphic element must be visually clear and every function must be intuitive and easy to use. Lack of design planning is quickly evident on small screens, and your impatient visitors will likely be off seeking friendlier sites if not immediately satisfied. Worse yet, research data suggests they won’t return anytime soon.

Google Research found that 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will leave to search for another site, and 50% of visitors would visit a website less frequently if it’s not mobile-friendly—even if they like the business.

(Source: What Users Want from Mobile Sites Today, Google Research, September 2012.)

Let us help you get new customers and keep them. Make your life easier by having to update a single site that fits all devices.

Please note that the use of mobile devices is especially high among business travelers and tourists. Don’t let your competitors get this type of potential customers ahead of you.

Please call us at 041-5347801 and let us work out a strategy that fits your budget.

Additional Content Management Benefits
In addition to standard features offered by most content management systems (page creation, news, forums, blogs, calendars, etc.), our application gives you some modern, dynamic high-performance innovations such as:

  • Relevance Through Personalization (display content according to parameters of your choice: search words, visitor’s country, visitor’s device, etc.)
  • Advanced management of email campaigns: view results of how many recipients have opened the newsletter, how many have clicked on links in the newsletter, etc.)
  • Integration with Google Analytics: view detailed statistics of visits to your site.
  • Integration with your internal company’s Active Directory: your internal users don’t need to log-in to administer the site; they can all be managed and granted various permissions directly from within our content management application.
  • Integration with your internal company’s SharePoint: search and manage your Microsoft Sharepoint application directly from within our content management application.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social sharing options
  • Complete eCommerce solution
  • Etc.


EndorMedia is a Sitefinity CMS partner based in Venice-Mestre, Italy and specializing in Web content management systems as well as multi-lingual corporate applications.


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Corporate Web applications for users located all around the world.

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Web applications for internal use in local and state administration offices.

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Sites with member participation, newsletter and fund-raising campaigns, and more.

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content management systems

Our own EndorMedia CMS or a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules.

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