Cloud Hosting

EndorMedia can migrate your site from its current physical server to the "cloud" (data centers around the world).

Why Cloud Hosting?
  • First and foremost, it is far less expensive than traditional hosting.
    Customers pay only for what they actually need (disk space, memory, band width) when they need it.
    You may, for example, use low bandwidth throughout the year (and pay little), then set a higher bandwidth during a trade-fair, when you expect traffic to increase (paying more for the fair period only).

  • More reliable, with a better up-time.
    The Cloud Hosting technology is based on thousands of interconnected physical servers in Web farms around the world. These machines are continually upgraded and maintained. A failure of one machine does not cause service interruption. Visitors are served from their nearest Web farm, so pages load fast anywhere.

  • Highly scalable.
    Resources may be added any time you require without service interruption. This way you can add resources when you need them (and remove them when you determine you no longer need them).
    Resources you may add:
    • Virtual (mirrored) accounts around the world
    • Disk space
    • Server memory
    • Database

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multi-national industries

Corporate Web applications for users located all around the world.

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Web applications for internal use in local and state administration offices.

non-profit organizations

Sites with member participation, newsletter and fund-raising campaigns, and more.

Tech Implementations

content management systems

Our own EndorMedia CMS or a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules.

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