Tech Implementations

EndorMedia has acquired over time additional skills in implementing such delicate solutions as:

Content Management Systems

We offer a variety of systems according to your needs and budget, from a simplified version of our own EndorMedia CMS (starting at € 5,000) to a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules (starting at € 10,000).

Web and Local Network Integration

If your Web application requires sharing data that is stored on your protected corporate database, we can implement such integtration in a perfectly secure way. We can also implement, for example, Web membership provider (for authentication) with your internal corporate Active Directory data.

Porting to Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) account for a growing portion of Web traffic.
According to comScore, the "share of non-computer traffic for the U.S. stood at 6.8 percent in August 2011, with approximately two-thirds of that traffic coming from mobile phones, and tablets accounting for much of the remainder."
Indeed, it is predicted that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will exceed that of desktop computers in a matter of just a few years.
Porting a new or existing Web site to support multiple devices and platforms can be painless and affordable.

Extensive Experience With...


Fully-functional feature-rich and secure online shops. Since 1995.

multi-national industries

Corporate Web applications for users located all around the world.

state administration

Web applications for internal use in local and state administration offices.

non-profit organizations

Sites with member participation, newsletter and fund-raising campaigns, and more.

Tech Implementations

content management systems

Our own EndorMedia CMS or a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules.

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